Science Café Opening Night

What’s new about public engagement with science on new media?

A special evening including lectures, an artistic performance and discussions with leading international science communication researchers

The opening night of PESO 2017, a research workshop of the Israel Science Foundation

  • June 25th, 2017, 18:00 – 21:45
  • Alpert Employee Center, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

18:00 Reception and light dinner

18:45 Greetings
Presenter: Assoc. Prof. Ayelet Baram-Tsabari, Faculty of Education in Science and Technology, Technion

Prof. Peretz Lavie, President of the Technion
Assoc. Prof. Tali Tal, Vice Dean, Faculty of Education in Science and Technology, Technion

19:00 The rise of video as a means for science engagement
Prof. Lloyd S. Davis, University of Otago, New Zealand

19:15 Public engagement with science online: Challenges and opportunities
Prof. Dominique Brossard, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

19:30 YouMake ReMake: A unique and multi-disciplinary artistic performance of commentary on YouTube videos
Creator and artistic director: Renana Raz

20:15 Coffee break

20:30 Round table discussions: Local dilemmas of public engagement with science online

Round table discussion topics (עברית)

Design approach in research: How do ads work? And how can computer software help create advertisements?
Ms. Tamar Many, Department of Visual Communication, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
How can we encourage the community to contribute geographic data for science? Crowdsourcing mapping data designed for application development for people with disabilities
Prof. Sagi Dalyot, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Technion
How can crowd-based developmental norms inform child development tracking? The Baby.CROINC Project
Dr. Ayelet Ben-Sasson, Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences, University of Haifa
How can the media be used to get the science out of the lab and bring it to the government table?
Dr. Neta Lipman, The Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
How can the public be encouraged to investigate educational questions? The PISA Citizen Science Project
Mr. Avner Kantor, The Center for Internet Research, University of Haifa
How can we encourage scientists to use scientific information submitted by the public?
Mr. Eyal Vanunu, WildIsrael Association
How can we make academic knowledge accessible using Facebook? The Scientaste Project
Ms. Ruti Donag, Social Hub, Technion
How can we make complex medical information accessible using social media, without overloading information and without talking in slogans?
Dr. Keren Landsman, Adva Lotan and Adam Levin, Mida’at
How should we communicate about the importance of animal experimentation for the promotion of science and humanity?
Prof. Dori Derdikman, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion
What is the added value of making science accessible to the public? How can success in exposure be leveraged towards financial success?
Mr. Yomiran Nissan, Little Big Science
What would your dream television science show look like?
Dr. Erez Garty, Davidson Institute of Science Education, Weizmann Institute of Science

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